Badminton Tournaments

In 1992 Badminton made it’s first historic appearance at the Olympic games, and while many consider this the ultimate prize in Badminton tournaments, there are several that hold more importance than the gold medal games.

The All England Open Badminton Championships are one of the most important and prestigious events in Badminton. First organized in 1899 it originally featured only doubles play, however the next year it opened up play to singles competition as well. The Thomas Cup was introduced in 1949 and for many years afterward the All England Open was considered the unofficial Badminton world championship.
In the more than one hundred years of the tournaments existence is has been halted only for the two World Wars. It is also part of the WBF Super Series which crowns the best players in the game every year.

The Uber cup is a womens team championship that originally was held in three year intervals, though this has been changed to two year intervals since 1984. Beginning in 1956and named after British player Betty Uber, a holder of 13 titles in All England competition, and a member of the World badminton Hall of Fame; only five countries have lifted the Uber Cup with China holding eleven of those victories giving it a 6 win lead on Japan, and it leads America and Indonesia by 8 titles.

The WBF Super Series Masters is held year and is the culmination of the twelve major Badminton tournaments held each year. These include the All England Open, The Denmark Open, The China Open, The China Masters, The Indonesia Open, The Japan Open, the Swiss Open, The Hong Cong Open, The Malaysia Open, The Korea Open, The French Open, and the Singapore Open.
The top players in the world meet here every year to see who is truly the cream of this sports crop.
While this tournament is relatively young compared to others, beginning in 2007, it has quickly become the premiere event to wrap up the year and features only the top eight players and teams ranked in the tournament. It is the highest paying Badminton tournament of the season with a pay out of $500,000.

Old or new these tours hold their place as some of the most important and influential Badminton tournaments held every year.